Why I Use Arena (5 of 6)

Arena Church Management System has been used at Resurrection since early this year. I have used it as a part of my usual work within Congregational Care, but am certain that a greater level of functionality can be determined within our department. I am determined to wring every last bit of efficiency and work savings out of it to allow people to provide the best care possible to other people.

Arena has made my job as a pastor a lot easier. Names, pictures, involvement, history at the church – all is available at a fingertip via an easy to use website.

What church management system do you use?

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Hi Pastor Andrew, As a new staff member at COR, I’ve just started using Arena. WOW! What a great tool. I can imagine that for smaller congregations it might be cost prohibitive, but for a Church around the size of COR it seems like it would be all but impossible to do a lot of the things that we do, if we did not use it. I’ve started gathering Birthdays for all of our KiDS COR volunteers so that we can make a personal recognition and a favorable impression. This is only the tip of the software’s functionality. I’m sure that for a busy pastor it is absolutely indispensable.

We currently use Shelby and are looking for a change! We’ve been evaluating ACS and Fellowship One…but until the budget crunch eases up next year we’re going to tough it out with Shelby… 😦

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