Why I use iTunes (4 of 6)

blankI use iTunes nearly everyday when I am at church and use my iPod nano most days that I am on the road. During this current season of spending time at Saint Luke’s Hospital, Resurrection and home I enjoy listening to podcasts of sermons, tech shows and productivity tips. iTunes and the iTunes Music Store provide an easy way to keep up to date on all of these things.

How do you use iTunes?

By Andrew Conard

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/begin rant

While I think iTunes is nice for podcasts, I really dislike it overall. (actually, I dislike most of Apple’s iLife apps with a passion, but that’s another thing altogether.) Part of it is how it organizes music poorly, and the Cover Flow thing pretty much drives me nuts. Also, I wish the iPod functioned more like an external hard drive- I personally find it annoying to have to make playlists to actually get the music on to the iPod.

As for the iTunes store- the DRM on the tracks drives me crazy! I never purchase anything from the iTunes store because of this; rather, I get any music (which isn’t much for me) from Amazon because it’s DRM free and will actually let you use the music in something other than iTunes or on an iPod. Enough with this proprietary madness, Apple!

/end rant. 🙂

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