Resources at Thoughts of Resurrection

I am in my third year serving as a pastor and have developed some resources that I have found to be useful in ministry and may be useful for you. You can find them on the Resources page. I have increasingly been using Google Documents as a tool for ministry. It keeps all my things in one searchable place that can be accessed in the same way in any location with internet access. This has been quite helpful during this season when I find myself at church, hospital (CPE) or home.

Feel free to check out and use the resources and make sure to send me an email if you find them useful. Enjoy!

By Andrew Conard

Christian, husband, son, brother, homeowner

4 replies on “Resources at Thoughts of Resurrection”

Hey Andrew, I really appreciate these resources and will probably borrow heavily from them in my new position as an associate pastor at a large congregation. Thanks for sharing!


I think your use of “cloud computing” is great. I started getting on board with it with my small-business needs a few months ago and quickly took it up for personal use as well. I’m rapidly closing in on the day when it doesn’t matter where I am or what computer I’m using — I’ll have what I need.

At some point I plan on taking a ‘time out’ to get a snapshot of which online tools I use, where the redundancies are and consider consolidation (or ways to integrate) while continuing to review new services that can add value to my life.

I don’t know how many other geeks out there are reading, but if you ever want to elaborate on what you use and how you deal with securing the data you want/need to keep private — I’d enjoy reading it.


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