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Vibe – Two Weeks In

This past Sunday was the second week for the Vibe worship service at Resurrection. I have been a part of the planning team and will be in worship leadership there each week. The service is in the Student Center with the sermon on video, edgier music and the opportunity for more movement and experiential response in the service.

The very first week there was a feeling of hesitation in the room as people were coming in and were not sure how to act in the new environment. By the end of the service it had changed to a feeling of real community. The feeling of community continued to grow the second week and I believe will continue to build.

Our hope is to connect new people, not to have people move from another service. Some of that will happen, but ultimately we hope that people will connect at this service.

You are invited this coming Sunday at 10:45 in the Student Center at Resurrection.

By Andrew Conard

Christian, husband, son, brother, homeowner