Evensong Rising – “Evensong Rising”

I enjoy listening to good music and the new self-titled album from Evensong Rising definitely falls in that category. It is a album of worship songs with a mix of styles. They are tied together with an overall laid back feel.

  • Alleluia is a catchy song of praise. I found myself getting lost in the rolling melody.
  • Stand Firm has an edgier blues/rock feel with smoky vocals.
  • Lyrical guitar and keyboard introduce Satisfied
  • The lilting rhythm of Unto Him was soothing.
  • Make Us New Again is a reminder that God promises to be our God and we promise to be God’s people – the covenant between God and humans
  • Doxology ’07 is a good remix on an old favorite
  • Rise Up brings a little reggae beat to the mix of the CD
  • Salvation comes is a smooth jam with lyrics of confession and call for God
  • Jazzy and smooth Holy Spirit
  • Pentecost is a beautiful call for the Holy Spirit’s presence – rhythmic, melodic and strong

While a couple of the tracks, like Solid Rock, are a bit sing songy this is overall a great album. The music is not particularly earth shattering, but it moves the listener into a smooth rhythm of worship. I am going to pass this along to the music staff here at Resurrection and recommend it to you as well.

By Andrew Conard

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