I want to be a great worship designer and leader.

This post was almost “I want to be a great preacher.” But as I think about it, I want to be great at leading people in worship throughout the entire experience and not just at the preaching event.  I believe that excellent worship is more than just excellent preaching. I think that designing worship to include opportunities to respond, connect with others, and be included in the worship experience are all important elements. I am currently growing in this area by being a part of the contemporary and Vibe venue teams. I am particularly looking forward to the launch of the Vibe service and how that service will continue to grow and develop.

I believe that this will be an important role no matter what future church setting I might find myself in.

  • How do you design worship? Team? Individual?
  • How far ahead to do you design worship?
  • What have you found to be helpful in this area?
  • Are there any resources or events that you would recommend?

By Andrew Conard

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Joseph – Great question. It will be a little edgier music and also have the opportunity to move around the room to stations for response – for example, light a candle, receive communion, write a prayer, etc. I am excited about it.

I think that you phrased it exactly right. There is an art to designing creative, passionate, worship experiences and the best way is through observation and experience. You are truly lucky to be in the situation you are in to learn how to do this effectively and share it with your future church. Please post some pictures of the vibe service and explain in detail how you are designing the experience. I believe creativity is always best in a team approach.

You might want to consider alternate adjectives. “Great” can be a pretty tough standard to set for yourself, although it is certainly worthy of aspiration. “Great” can be considered in the eye of the beholder rather than the individual. “Excellent” might be worth considering, as would be “faithful,” “creative,” or “effective.”

Wesley – Hmm… I will look to some more posts on Vibe in the future. I had not thought about taking pictures, but I might just look into it… I think that you are right on with the team approach being a great way to go.

Dad – Thanks for the reminder. I think that those are some great alternatives and I will make some changes in the future 🙂

We are starting a new service the week. After struggling with what would make this different and what should make this different we came to the following.
1. Better, a subjective term, music is ok, but if this is the only difference then we have failed.
2. People need true connection and the morning worship is the first level connection point for most people. We MUST create an environment that enables watching over each other in love.
3. We want to add to the kingdom not merely offer an alternative to those who already attend another church.
A concrete example is the format of prayer requests. Praise and request time will be at round tables between 5 or 6 people. Each person will follow up with a different table mate each day the following week.


Bart – Thanks for your additions. I think that you are right on there. I like the prayer request idea. That is a fascinating thought and one which I had not considered before. I would be interested to see how it turns out.

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