For Young Men Only

For Young Men Only by Jeff Feldhahn and Eric Rice is fourth in the “Only” series and was preceded by For (Women, Men, Parents, Young Women) Only. If this book is a good representation of the rest of the series, I am looking forward to reading For Men Only.

For Young Men Only, not surprisingly, has a target audience of teen men and addresses their interactions with teen women. Feldhahn and Rice write from a Christian perspective, but not one that is in your face. They include survey data and quotes from interviews with young women. This survey data is compiled into “six big surprises” which comprise each of the chapters. These surprises make sense for all ages, such as:

  • A girl is most attracted to a guy’s hidden qualities
  • A girl wants a guy to talk to her. But to really make an impression with her, a guy just needs to listen.

Feldhahn and Rice write with an easy to read style that is tailored to the audience of teenage men. I highly recommend this book for young men and can safely say that I could have used a book like this in high school.

You can buy it at Amazon here.

By Andrew Conard

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