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Church – 10^100

How about a project like this for a church? or a denomination?

By Andrew Conard

Christian, husband, son, brother, homeowner

One reply on “Church – 10^100”

Utterly Brilliant – the power of exponential growth of and Idea. I love this kind of stuff. How can we apply it towards evangelism and outreach, discipleship, etc. What if, for example, we did a campaign like this for people to invite 1 friend and/or family member to our Fishing Expedition sermon series, or Easter, etc. What if some of the Growth Grants we fund through the Conference were built this way. This really has me thinking. It also plays into the UNChristian talk the other night – particularly how we sort of get smaller and more relational in our thinking in order to impact the next generation. We should grab Nathan Web and Jason G. and go discuss this over lunch some day. Thanks for the post.

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