The Becoming of G-d

The Becoming of G-d by Ian Mobsby is a wandering look at the nature of God as Trinity, ecclesiology, spirituality and the interactions thereof. The Becoming of G-d is Mobsby’s second book and was published in May 2008. From Mobsby’s website:

Ian Mobsby is one of the founding members of the Moot Community with past involvement in two previous alt worship/emerging church communities. Ian is an ordained Anglican priest working with Moot full time in the Diocese of London, an associate Missioner of the Church of England Archbishop’s Fresh Expressions Team, and an associate lecturer of the St Paul’s Theological Centre in London.

Mobsby touches on a wide variety of topics in The Becoming of G-d. I found his treatment of perichoresis (interpenetration) and kenosis (pouring out) in regard to the Trinity to be particularly interesting. Mobsby ranges from Rublev’s Trinity, models of the church, and the becoming of community, belonging, forgiveness, hope and justice. Mobsby is aware of and addresses common critiques of the models that he proposes.

Mobsby touches on a wide variety of topics but manages to keep them connected and related to the Trinity. The writing is a bit rough and in need of editing in places, but this manages to lend authenticity and rawness. I recommend this book for those interested or exploring newer ways of being church and are ready for a scavenger hunt of connections to the Trinity, both inside and outside the church.

By Andrew Conard

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