Top 10 for a Successful Pastor’s Blog

A few weeks ago, I received a question from Wesley from Outside the Box on my Facebook wall about tips for successful blogging. While I do not claim to be an expert, here are my top 10 suggestions for a successful pastor’s blog.

  1. Define your audience – congregation? church leaders? others in your denomination? Outside the denomination?
  2. Write good content.
  3. Write regularly.
  4. Read other blogs for ideas on types of posts and style of writing
  5. Comment on other blogs with a link back to your blog. Participation in community is good.
  6. Read the blogging church by Brian Bailey and Terry Storch
  7. Check out Blogging 101 for Pastors
  8. Spread the word about your blog – email, newsletter, etc.
  9. Define what success means to you – a certain number of readers, an outlet for your own writing and reflection, getting the word out about something… Don’t let someone else define success for you.
  10. Be patient.

You can also find some great tips from Merlin Mann at What Makes for a Good Blog?

By Andrew Conard

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6 replies on “Top 10 for a Successful Pastor’s Blog”

I greatly appreciate all the advice that you have given me. In Merlin Mann’s post about “What Makes a Good Blog” he quoted that good bloggers make others want to start their own blog. That is what you’ve done for me and I am sure countless others.

I think those are great. You also do a really good job of not making your blog too wordy. If I get to a blog, and the post is really long, I rarely read it. Like I have the attention span for that!

I’d add a suggestion – really expansion of participate in community – to sign up for blog aggregators. The Methoblog is a great way to get involved in the community conversation. There are others out there, too, I suspect.

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