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United Methodist Young Clergy – Video Project

I would like to draw your attention to the umc young clergy website where a series of videos have been posted about the issues facing young clergy in The United Methodist Church. Here is one titled, “naming the elephants”

I believe that projects like this can make a positive impact in the renewal of the denomination.

I encourage you to go to umc young clergy and check out each of the videos.

5 replies on “United Methodist Young Clergy – Video Project”

I tried looking at this same video, somewhere else…KS east website maybe? And I had the same problem there as with your link, the sound is messed up. I hear the music fine but the voice track doesn’t come through. Not sure if it’s my problem alone, but if not I thought you might like to know.

Amy – I think that this is embedded in the videos themselves. I had the same trouble. It is certainly not ideal, but as I was listening either it got better or I got used to it…. Sorry I couldn’t be more helpful here!

I’m so glad I saw these comments! We had these problems with the videos on YouTube but not Viddler so far. Did you link to the ones on YouTube? If so, I need to take them down because yeah the audio got messed up each time I uploaded it.

I was originally stopping by to say I love your new layout & design. Looks good!

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