Speedlinking – September 4, 2008

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I posted a list of my “rules” on Tony Steward’s blog.
Of course, I don’t hit each of my rules EVERYDAY, but it’s what I shoot for.

Love your new layout!

I knew a guy named Bryson Butts who went to seminary at Asbury. Didn’t know him terribly well, but that name kindof sticks with you, you know?
Do you know Bryson? I couldn’t get any bio info from his site, so I was just wondering. My friend Stephanie dated him briefly. Not sure if it is the same guy but just wondering.

Tell me about “speedlinking”

the end, nikki

Nikki – Thanks for your comment and glad that you like the new design. I thought that it was time for a refresh. I have met Bryson. The one that I know is pastor at

Speedlinking is a regular feature here that highlights some of the blog posts that I have read recently that think are of note and worth checking out. I collect them and post them when there is a good number of links. That’s about it!

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