iCampus Summary Post

This is a collection of questions and responses to various questions about internet campus. I invite you to read each post and add any comments on that post or by emailing me directly. Thanks!

By Andrew Conard

Christian, husband, son, brother, homeowner

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I find the concept fascinating to consider–as an elder who started in ministry in 1977, this is one of the most expansive concepts I’ve heard of yet. Of course how it materializes will determine to a large extent the answers to many of the questions raised. But, the nature of community in the world of 2009 and beyond will not pattern after the concepts of community we presently have spinning in our heads. This probably will not be the church that grandparents prefer, but it may be the only church that some grandchildren experience. For that reason, it deserves a full examination and opportunity to flourish. The medieval church would not have been able to imagine a world in which there were Bibles in every home. An internet campus church today is the opportunity to reach a generation through the media most easily accessed. We dare not sit on the sidelines while this revolution unfolds!

Tim – Thanks for your thoughts and encouragement. I particularly appreciate the recognition of imagining a future that is different than the past or even something that is beyond our imagination.

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