leadership ministry Internet Campus – Terry Storch (7 of 8)

We were able to spend some dedicated time with Terry Storch while we were at and I wanted to share what amounts to notes from a brain dump / Q and A time with him. Good stuff.

  • Don’t look at spending a lot of time for a final release incorporating all the features
    • Look at getting the 40% that you want to nail done right. Then work at getting the next version with the next set of features.
  • If you try to build it all in the first place it is likely that you will get:
    • 40% right on
    • 30% not what you wanted at all or is actually useless
    • 30% is average functionality
  • It may be easier to do something offline or physically than it is to do it technologically
    • Downloading a PDF, adding a check and sending it in the mail may be the best option over an online solution
  • You can’t solve every problem by throwing better technology at it.
  • Part of his role is to bring altitude and perspective to the particular ministry area
    • Is this really a problem worth trying to solve?
    • What is the problem that you are really trying to solve?
    • How much time is it really going to take?
  • You may end up saying no because it is not worth the time and effort.

By Andrew Conard

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