Free Book – Wild Goose Chase Contest

As a part of being able to give an early review of Wild Goose Chase, the author and publisher made it possible to give away a free copy with a contest right here at Thoughts of Resurrection. That’s right, I said free.

All you have to do is leave a comment on this post with a reason (or reasons) why I should choose you as the winner of the contest and I will ship a fresh copy of Wild Goose Chase to you free of charge.

I will choose a winner from all of the comments and ship the book to you via the USPS on August 18.

By Andrew Conard

Christian, husband, son, brother, homeowner

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Because I need a good book to read and this sounds interesting. I have business trips planned to 4 different states in the next month and will have plenty of flight time to spend reading.

Because I am an action-adventure buff (like Goonies and National Treasure), but who is caged in “inverted Christianity”. This text could give me langauge and courage to chase the Wild Goose more openly, away from the safety of the status quo. Thanks!

I think I should get the free book because it would be really funny to send something from 13720 Roe, Office 208 D to 13720 Roe, Office 208 E!

I was going offer the obligatory Chuck Norris threat, (which, btw, is obviously still in effect) but I think that I should have this book because I am (in all likelihood) the only person here who:

1. has (and wears) a kilt

2. owns Carmina Gadelica, the quintessential repository of Celtic prayers, hymns and incantations

3. draws Celtic knotwork for fun and has visually depicted the Holy Spirit as ‘the wild goose’

4. recites the invocation from St. Patrick’s Breastplate every morning

5. would willingly drop $14K for a facsimile edition of the Book of Kells available only from a Swiss publisher

6. can play Amazing Grace on the uilleann pipes. (albeit poorly…)

I’m sure you have already picked someone, but my reasons are the best.

1) I actually attended Mark Batterson’s congregation when I lived in Washington, DC.

2) I went to California for the first time ever this past week.

3) I offered to give Russell the seat on the airplane if only one of us could come back last night when our flight was canceled so he could be POW this morning (but we all got back).

4) Also, I have a free Chick-Fil-A sandwich coupon which I would have donated to the love of Chick-Fil-A. 🙂

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