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Tony Steward was recently hired as the Online Community Pastor at Terry and the team were excited for him to arrive as new staff is a great opportunity to get feedback from a fresh perspective. A new staff member can provide free critical feedback on current processes on the team – free.

I think that it is great that they have hired an online community pastor and commend Tony’s blog to you as well. As to getting feedback from new team members, I think that this is a great practice – both for an internet campus and for any local congregation. It would have to be balanced with getting the new team member on board with standard practices of the team. There is a balance here.

What do you think? Is it more important to gain fresh perspective or to make sure that a team member is on board with standard operating procedures?

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New fresh perspective is just as important. I think you can also gain that from a few staff members. I have found, though, in churches especially one is not encouraged to give differing points of viewl

Mark – I think that you are right and that you offer an interesting assessment of the environment of offering differences of opinion. I think that it is healthy to disagree and offer differing viewpoints, but at some point everyone has to sign on and be behind whatever the decision / path is going to be.

I agree wholly with that as well. And if it comes to the point where one cannot get on board, it’s time for them to check their heart and if necessary leave as not to cause wrongful dissent.

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