ministry Internet Campus – Not (3 of 8)

Over the life of the internet campus at there are several things that it has not done.

  • No children
  • No youth
  • No funerals
  • No weddings

Resources provided at Open | have and are being used for children and youth programming for groups that gather to worship on the internet campus together. Brandon, Internet Campus Pastor, said that he had never received a request for a funeral or a wedding.

By Andrew Conard

Christian, husband, son, brother, homeowner

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Interesting. I think this begs a question about the nature of community within an online/virtual Church campus. We all know that community can form online. The question is this: what kind of community is it? Is it partial community that never materializes? If we follow a God who chose to self-reveal by incarnation, “in the flesh,” what are we to think about a virtual community that never incarnates?

Matt – I think that you raise a great point. I am taking by the nature of your question that you are not sure if it is a good thing if a virtual community that seeks to be church never incarnates. I would agree with you.

How that looks becomes a bit more interesting in an internet campus. Definitely a question I will address in a few weeks.

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