Business of the Church: Buildings (3 of 5)

This is a part of a series of posts responding to the question: Is the church a business? Today the focus is on buildings.

Existing buildings are important because the church needs a place to gather. While this may or may not be a space owned or leased by the church, there is a need for a community space. There are over 15 staff on the facilities team here at Resurrection that keep the space ready for ministry to happen. Space for worship, small groups, classes, child care, office are all important parts of existing buildings.

Another consideration in buildings in the life of the church is future buildings. This week, I was a part of a visioning team for the Spiritual Retreat Center which is being planned for several hundred acres of land about 30 minutes south of the church. At the early stage of planning, visioning what possible activities could take place is important to determine what buildings need to be constructed. When buildings are constructed they will provide limitations and shape what will be able to happen there.

Do you see buildings as a part of the church? If so, in what way? If not, why not?

By Andrew Conard

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