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BMW Ecclesiology

I heard one of the best articulations of the nature and structure of the church that I have heard in a long time in this clip from BMW.

Keys to this design and to renewal within the church –

  • Flexibility
  • Innovation
  • Experimentation

What do you think?

Thanks to Signals v. Noise for the link.

By Andrew Conard

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2 replies on “BMW Ecclesiology”

Oh my goodness, I’m drooling over that car. Love the analogy. Of course, the fear people will have with this car is safety- what will happen if this gets into a wreck with another car. Not unlike much of the fear in the church. If we change, innovate, experiment, are we more vulnerable?

Yes, of course we are. But then, if we staunchly remain the same (the commercial used the word dogma), our risk is eve greater.

Dagney – Great additional comments on safety. I think that you are right with the risk of remaining the same being greater than the risk of change.

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