Leadership: Questions (1 of 3)

This post originated from an Advanced Leadership Development course that was a part of the Wesley Academy at Resurrection taught by Dr. Lovett Weems and Cathy Abbott.

Leaders do not need to have the right answers, but they must have the right questions.

  • Who can assign you work?
  • What is it that these people have a right to expect of me?
  • What is it that if I do not do it, no one else can or in all likelihood will?

By Andrew Conard

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I would propose the following list.
1. What behaviors are required (desired) from those I endeavor to lead?
2. How do I model these behaviors in a way that people will desire to engage in these behaviors themselves?
3. What measures can I implement to ensure an environment where people feel both the responsibility and safety required to discern needs, take initiative, and accomplish what needs to be done without being directed.

To me there are two signs a leader is effective.
1. Spontaneous execution of the “right actions” by followers
2. The ability to vanish without a negative impact on the organization

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