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My Beautiful Idol – Review

My Beautiful Idol by Pete Gall is an autobiographical journey through five years of transition in the life of the author. Gall originally self-published this work and it is his first published book.

My Beautiful Idol is a story of seeking, recognizing and following God. Gall records his journey of faith and life chasing God’s will from a highly paid career in Chicago to Denver and through a series of jobs, ministry settings and relationships. Scattered throughout the narrative are lessons about the reality of poverty, the desire to be loved and God’s dream for individual lives. Gall is open with his thoughts, emotions and struggles in his life during the five years that are recorded in the book.

I found the narrative to be moderately compelling, but at times tedious and repetitive. There was insightful wisdom about life and relationships sprinkled throughout the book that I found to be fairly interesting. I recommend this book to those looking for open honesty in the life of another.

Gall, Pete. My Beautiful Idol. Grand Rapids: Zondervan, 2008.

By Andrew Conard

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