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A Point of Clarification on Buying a Home

Nicole and I are in the process of purchasing a house here in the Kansas City area. Last week at Kansas West Annual Conference we began sharing the news and had several questions come up.

Question: Did you buy a house?
Answer: Yes. Nicole and I have put in an offer, been accepted and will be having inspections on a home. We plan to take possession at the end of June.

Question: What does a home purchase mean for itineracy?
Answer: Nicole and I are appointed yearly by the bishop. Our purchase will not interfere with our commitment to itineracy and availability for appointment.

Question: What does that mean about Kansas West?
Answer: Our probationary membership is in the Kansas West Annual Conference. We hope to be ordained in the Kansas West Conference. We hope to serve in the Kansas West Conference after our appointment at Resurrection.

Question: Why are you buying a house?
Answer: We feel that it is a good financial decision, but more importantly hope for it to be a place of retreat and hospitality. This will be yet another fun adventure for us.

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