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Finish It – God’s Call (5 of 5)

This series is about your thoughts. Each day I will post a sentence starter and invite you to finish it with a comment.

I feel that God may be calling me…

By Andrew Conard

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3 replies on “Finish It – God’s Call (5 of 5)”

Andrew – what are your reflections on the comments regarding the “Finish It” series? My main observation is that you averaged 7 comments per post on the first three, but then received zero on these last two – the ones that are more reflective and personal. What are your thoughts? Maybe it means that people have less of an understanding or willingness to be vulnerable regarding their faith and how it is that God is calling them….I don’t know. Maybe it is harder to discern and name our visions for our lives and ministries!

I feel that God is calling me to further grow my leadership skills and confidence so that I might be better able to serve as a pastor of a larger membership congregation in my future. Dustin

I find it funny that one of the possibly related posts is entitled, “Fat.” Is God calling me to eat?

God’s calling me to write. No doubt.

Dustin – I think that you make a fine point there. Perhaps too personal and asking to be too vulnerable. Also, I think that you are right, I find it easier to name things for others or to come up with things that other people need to do rather than to pay attention to my own calling at times.

Ben – Sweet.

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