Finish It – Local Church (1 of 5)

This series is about your thoughts. Each day I will post a sentence starter and invite you to finish it with a comment.

I dream that my local church…

By Andrew Conard

Christian, husband, son, brother, homeowner

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“I dream that my local church… will be set afire by the Holy Spirit and be about the work of building the kingdom of God in our community.”

You mean you’re asking us to dream? 😉

I dream that my local church would be a place that proclaims the gospel with clarity, and that people identifying as “non-Christian” would hear the good news and respond, declaring by faith that Jesus Christ is Lord.

Would once again return to the Wesleyan mission to “Spread Scriptural Holiness Across the land”, would lead sinners to repentance, and encourage believers to go on to Salvation, and would once again hold to the Doctrine, Spirit, and Discipline with which it first set out.

I dream that my local churchwill ignore the doomsayers and naysayers and get caught up in the dynamic mission of our Triune God!

I dream that someday my local church will be filled with people on fire for God.

I dream that my local church will become a place where all people from our community will come to learn about God and seek to be in His fellowship as we reach out to assist our neighbors throughout the world.

What can I say … I dream big!


I dream that my local church will not ask for my key back now that I’ve moved on to pastor another church (the kitchen is stocked with so many goodies that I just can’t imagine not sneaking in every once in a while and getting a little treat!).

I dream that my local church… will move past being “keepers of the aquarium” and become fishers of (wo)men by sharing God’s grace in our community.

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