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I’ve been on vacation to the Black Hills in South Dakota and have been away from blogging for a bit. I want to start back by letting you know about a new occasional feature here at Thoughts of Resurrection called “Best of KC” This is based completely on my opinion and experience of the best possible experiences in Kansas City. Each time I put one of these out there, I would really enjoy to hear your opinion. I’ll start it out with hamburgers…

The best hamburgers in town – hands down are at Five Guys at 14965 West 119th St in Olathe.

By Andrew Conard

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I’ll have to try those out. I’ve always been a fan of a Johnny’s burger, and though it’s not a traditional burger, I would do many illegal things for a buffalo burger at Ted’s Montanna Grill. I’m salivating just thinking of it. Great… now there’s drool on my keyboard.

Oh man. Did you ever go to the one in DC? I think it was right across the church from where Nicole was doing her PMM.
That place was perfect. The restaurant itself was a little dirty and greasy to enhance the fattiness and the greasiness of their burgers and cajun fries.
Dang it. I’m getting hungry.

Have you ever tried In n Out?
My wife is not a big fan… but last time I went to California (for my probationary interview) I had In n Out 3 times in 3 days. Good stuff.

Thanks for reminding me of what I can’t have…

The #1 burger place in the Northern VA area (suburbs of DC) is Five Guys – the best, greasiest burger place with handcut fries to go along and a myriad of condiments to add…the “small” is actually 2 burgers on the bun; place started with one grill in the Bailey’s Crossroads area of Alexandria and has grown to many (not sure how many) with an outlet (I hear) at Reagan National Airport….soooooooo good!

Love the new feature Andrew! I have not tried Five Guys (I’ll add it to my list), but so far my favorite is Westport Flea Market! The Flea Burger is a 10 oz. ground chuck burger with meat from McGonigle’s. The atmosphere leaves a little to be desired, but they cook up a mean burger!

If you are downtown or Plaza area I’d give the Westport Flea Market a try (note: it’s cash only). M’mm!

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