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The Most Important Parts of the Story of Jesus

At the conclusion of the three week study on the Gospel according to Mark I asked the class to reflect on two questions. I found the responses to be fascinating. Each person has a distinct understanding of Jesus. I feel that all of the following are good responses to the questions, but each person may react differently depending on where they are on the journey of faith.

Questions to the Class

  • If you were telling someone the story of Jesus for the first time what would you want to make sure and not leave out?
  • If you had to tell the story of Jesus to someone in the time that it takes a stoplight to change from red to green (let’s say 1 minute), what would you say?

Responses from the Class

  • God loved us
  • God sent his son
  • We can have eternal life
  • Resurrection
  • Jesus’ birth
  • Jesus took on our sins
  • Jesus accepts us where we are
  • Loves everyone
  • Big picture – connect with the story of the Old Testament
  • Invitation to relationship for benefits
  • Jesus ministry – inclusiveness, compassion, kindness
  • Witness to how Jesus has worked in one’s own life
  • Is there anything you would die for?
  • Opportunity for a personal relationship

By Andrew Conard

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I would make sure to include Jesus’ vision of a different world (the basileia tou theou – the kingdom of God, empire of God, dream of God), where peace, love, and the God-given gifts and ministries of people flourished. I would want my story to invite the other person to catch a glimpse of the transformation for all that Jesus lived and died.

Dustin –

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