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What is the best conference to attend?

I always hope to continue learning for my own faith journey, leadership, and to be a part of renewing the mainline church. One of the ways that this can be accomplished is through networking and learning at conferences. I personally recommend and will be presenting at Leadership Institute, but I am also considering the following possibilities for events to attend in 2008 and 2009.

Do you have any experience with any of these conferences? Which of these do you recommend? What other learning / leadership / conference opportunities would you suggest that are not listed here?

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some of those i don’t look at because of their summer scheduling. i’ve heard good things about catalyst conference. a good list to choose from for sure

A friend and I participated in “Change the World” at Ginghamsburg last year. Came back really fired up and with great resources for ministry! Not sure how you might benefit being in an associate position though… overall, I highly recommend it!

Gavin – I listen to the catalyst podcast and have not heard any first hand accounts, but have heard by reputation that it is good.

Dan – Thanks for the tip on “Change the World” Good nuance there and one that I will think about…

I would say come to the Worship in a Postmodern Accent. It looks like the best 🙂 Jonny Baker is the bomb.
(Of course, this workshop is my baby, (and I will most likely miss because my wife will be having an actual baby.)

I’ve been to the leadership summit the last 7 years. We do the closed ciricut thing, and take the staff, a great cheap alternative for small churches. i know its popular to bash willow these days but i have been blessed each year that i have gone. I keep thinking it can’t get better but it always seems to. I can’t wait for August.

Change the World- went last year and really enjoyed it. What i love about Ginghamsburg church is that its not a church plant. most all the others on this list that are churches are church plants, but Ginghamsburg was a typical country church that turned around. Before i went to Ginghamsburg i thought to grow a church you had to have a church plant. Ginghamsburg helped me to realize that everything you can do with a church plant you can do at an existing church. This church takes away your excuses. Great lineup this year with Adam Hamilton and Brian Mclearen.
Hard to get flights directly to Dayton airport, so you have to come on THursday night rather than friday morning. Good news is that the airport is about 10 minutes away from the church.

Leadership Institute- Went 2 years ago and met you andrew. Good but not as good as the other 2.

[…] The Sticks 30 07 2008 As a pastor praying for spiritual revival in the state of Kansas and renewal within the denomination, I found this ministry conference to be particularly fascinating – The Sticks. Check out the website, then come back and let me know what you think about it. Should it out way some other choices that I am thinking about? […]

Worship in a Postmodern Accent. . .
If you have not heard Jonny Baker speak I think this should be your pick. The stuff he does in the UK would be great for postmoderns here, and for the most part not being used in the midwest, anyway.

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