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How do you innovate?

I had a conversation recently that started me thinking about innovation and how it happens at Resurrection. My tendency is to look at other congregations and say that they are far more innovative than we are. However, that is often in terms of use of technology and physical facilities.

My conversation partner suggested that Resurrection is not innovative in some areas and actually bleeding edge innovative in others. This helped me shift the question from:

  • How do you innovate?


  • How do you innovate?

The first question is one that focuses more on tactics and implementation of new and different things. It also seems to imply a change from the way that things are currently happening.

The second question is one that focuses on a self-examination of current systems and processes. It also helps with the recognition that it is unlikely that any given congregation will be able and willing to be innovative in every possible area.

I feel that both questions are important.

What do you think? Do you find yourself asking either of these questions? What is your response?

By Andrew Conard

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