Name Your Price – Church, Faith and Theology Books

I am uncluttering my bookshelves and you can benefit. Name your price on any or all of the books that you can find here –

Send me an email at andrew.conard (at) cor . org with “Name Your Price” in the subject line. Include the titles that you want and your offer price. I will send you a money request for the amount that you name via PayPal. All I ask is that the price that you offer will cover shipping.


9 thoughts on “Name Your Price – Church, Faith and Theology Books

  1. Nice list…there a few titles on there I recognize and would definitely say are worth reading.

  2. After seeing Responsible Grace on there, I am just breathing a sigh of relief that Reclaiming the Wesleyan Tradition is not on the list! Just kiddin’…

  3. Ben – Any that you would definitely recommend that I keep?

    Kevin – I know that is to be an excellent resource, but I also am aware that I have not read it yet and it has not come to the top of the list. One of these days.

    Mark – I checked all my email and did not seem to find one from you. Go ahead and send another email. Thanks!

    All – Check the list as it has been updated with a few claims…

  4. Dustin has already wisely scooped up Yoder.

    Rowan Williams and J.I. Packer look interesting to me…though I haven’t read them.

    There are a couple of others that I thought you should keep so that we could burn them in my fire pit later.

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