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Opening Worship – GC2008

I arrived in Fort Worth today made it to the hotel and quickly hopped on the shuttle to go to the Convention Center to see what there was to see.

I forgot my camera at home, so don’t plan on any picture 😦 I was pretty bummed about that, but am getting over it. A few takeaways from todays events.

  • Opening worship was a very good experience – I really felt God’s Spirit at times.
  • Although moving at times, there are many changes to the flow of the opening worship service that would likely take place if it were at Resurrection.
  • Rules matter.
  • There was a strong theme of unity throughout all of the worship – songs, liturgy and prayers.
  • It will be a long conference – I am tired today and I have not had near the preparation as a delegate nor will I be here as long as the delegates.
  • God is good and at work in the denomination.
  • Business sessions are more fun if you can make commentary on the goings on from the mezzanine.

By Andrew Conard

Christian, husband, son, brother, homeowner

6 replies on “Opening Worship – GC2008”

do you have a phone on your camera? i always forget about that feature and they take fine pics for the web.

Lord, please give Andrew open ears and a ton of endurance during this conference. May your seet be soft and your faith be strong.

bart 🙂

Bart – I do have a camera on my phone but I do not know how to get them from there to my computer. I actually found that they have some great quality pictures at the official general conference site. Thanks for the prayers. I am glad that I am just visiting and will be back in KC on Saturday…

Andrew – I’m insanely jealous. My head pastor is taking vacation next week, preventing me from getting to be in Fort Worth. Keep an eye on thing for me okay?

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