Hopeful and Whimsical

I first heard the song New Soul by Yael Naim in a MacBook Air commercial.

I found myself stopping the fast forward on DVR to listen to the music. It is a catchy song (and I am an Apple fan).

Recently I found the link to the music video for the song. Excellent.

I love the whimsical and hopeful nature of this song. I hope that my faith in God has more of these qualities over time.

Thanks to Mark for the link.

3 thoughts on “Hopeful and Whimsical

  1. Thanks for these links, Andrew! My wife has been gushing over this song for a while now and I just couldn’t figure out who it was!

  2. Cool song, my wife asked what I was playing from the back room and said she loved it! haha

  3. jimmorrow – You are welcome.

    Matt – Cool…

    I think that my wife likes the song also, but not as much as I enjoy it.

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