iPhone in the Future: Update

You may know of my interest in purchasing an iPhone. In my previous post, I wrote that my contact with Sprint was up in April. Turns out that this was hearsay and innuendo.

I called Sprint and my contract ends in December 2008. Arrgh…

Time to reframe my expectations and hopes…

By Andrew Conard

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December… that’s a long time to wait… Which might be better for you since apple always brings out new stuff within months…

oh, my brother-in-law visited Church of Resurrection. He moved to Kansas a few months back.

You won’t be able to use the iPhone on the Sprint network (even if you unlock it) because it uses a different cellular technology (GSM vs CDMA); however, since your contract is not up until December, Apple should have both the v2.X firmware out and the G3 hardware available by then!

deviantmonk – I do not have the courage or desire to unlock the iPhone and thus would be okay with switching to at&t. Hmm, November… When is the staff Christmas party?

Allen – coveting? Okay, maybe a bit…

Joseph – What part of Kansas? Does he live in the Kansas City metro area?

Pilot Mike – Thanks for the tip. I am looking forward to catching the latest revision.

I actually don’t know. But he said that COR is really close to his new place..

We’re planning on to visit him soon, and I’ve always wanted to go to COR.
Hopefully, when we finally get around to visiting Kansas, you and nicole will still be there…

Ooh. two comments in a row. (sorry).
We got a package from him and his postage says Overland Park, KS.

I, too, want an iPhone… but I don’t think I need an iPhone…

two (big) different things…

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