Worship Venue Benchmark Trip

I had a great trip to California. Dan, Jason and I ended up visiting:

  • Crystal Cathedral – mainly because it was close and we had time.
  • Mariners Church – Just got to see their facilities, but great stuff – technical stage and wonderful outdoor space.
  • Saddleback Church – We checked out one of their venues (Tent 1) and worshiped for part of a service in their main worship center on Saturday night.
  • Rock Harbor – outstanding worship, similar to what we are thinking about for Sunday morning in the Student Center.
  • North Coast Church – Venue worship in a way that I had never seen before, a main street feel with vastly different worship styles next door to each other.

Here is a slideshow from a presentation prepared for the senior staff retreat today:

For more pictures check out my photostream.

2 replies on “Worship Venue Benchmark Trip”

My questioned sounded weird in my head for some reason, and I couldn’t think of why it sounded weird, or how to reword it… but

Which church/worship style did you like best?

Rock Harbor by far – It felt the most like me, a place that I would want to worship on a regular basis. Invitational, experiential and emotive. Good stuff. I did want to experience worship at Mariners Church (Just added – forgot about it when writing!)

North Coast was completely out of the box for me in worship styles and venues, which was really cool as well.

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