Advice, Suggestions and Self-Reflection

Last week I interviewed for a clinical pastoral education position at St. Luke’s Hospital. One of the questions that I try to ask any interview team is this – What advice would you have for me (as a person in his second year of professional ministry)? I received the following responses from the interview team (summarized):

  • Have you thought about a spiritual director?
  • A CPE residency would have been invaluable before returning to the local church.
  • Live a well balanced full life outside of ministry.

Each one of the interview team did not give direct advice to me, but instead reflected on their own experience of life.

In similar situations, do you most naturally give suggestions for other people, tell them what to do or reflect on your own life? Something else entirely?

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Andrew, great (CPE-like) questions! I think more often people offer advice from the basis of their own experience and journey. Usually it is even the very advice that the person themselves needs to hear and practice. It take an individual with significant empathy and perceptivity to offer advice that is really about the recipient.

What advice do you think you would give yourself?

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