Pastoral Prayers at Resurrection

At Resurrection, we are encouraged to write our prayers for worship before the service. The hope is that this will be able to provide a prayer that is mindful of non and nominally religious persons and also is an intentional part of worship.

Beginning today, I am going to include all of the prayers that I write for worship in an online document. Please feel free to use any portion of a prayer or a prayer in its entirety if you feel that it would become a meaningful part of a worship service.

You can find this this and also the resources from my recent blogging presentation in under Resources. Enjoy!

5 thoughts on “Pastoral Prayers at Resurrection

  1. You should make people give you credit you if they use your stuff. That way, in the middle of the prayer, they’d be like, “And as Andrew Conard said, ‘Even though spring brings new life, we recognize that we do not always live…'” That would make it extra meaningful.

  2. Hey Andrew, I’ve moved to a new blog. Hope you don’t mind that I’ve borrowed liberally from your tag-line under your blog title!

    Been too busy to comment lately, but I’m still silently reading and appreciating your thoughts here.

  3. Janelle – Hmm… I am not sure about extra meaningful. Extra strange, yes.

    Matt – Thanks for the notice, I have subscribed to the new blog and no worries about the tag-line. Thanks for your readership.

  4. I have been amazed at the power of the written prayer. Not too long ago I thought of written prayer in a negative way, but the combination of Bonnhoffer and actually writting prayers has really changed my outlook. Just FYI

    BTW Streams had a great post on community,
    that you might check out for speed linking.

  5. Bart – Thanks for your response on written prayer and for the tip to Mark’s post and blog.

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