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Hope springs eternal…

Hope springs eternal in the human breast – Alexander Pope.

MLB Standings - April 2, 2008

Even here in Kansas City.

By Andrew Conard

Christian, husband, son, brother, homeowner

4 replies on “Hope springs eternal…”

Wow. weirdness. My entire worldview has now been shattered. But isn’t there something called “false hope”? lol

People might have thought that getting the world’s largest HD LED Scoreboard was a bit excessive, but the proof is in the rankings! I’m just sayin’.

It must hurt rooting for teams that let you down in the end. Royals, Chiefs…
Just letting you know, when things fall apart, I’m here for you, buddy.

Elizabeth – False hope does exist. Perhaps not this year…

Janelle – I can vouch for the world’s largest HD LED scoreboard. That thing is huge!

Joseph – Thanks for the promise of future comfort 😉

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