Speedlinking – April 2, 2008

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I totally disagree with the UM Reporter Blog take on Obama – Having worked here at Resurrection, we all know that the tie between Adam and the church’s vision and mission are very tight. It is Adam’s vision I buy into and his drive to make it a reality is the reason I am here. While I agree that they are not one in the same, its hard to imagine that if Adam were to move on the church would move strongly away from its founding principles. Having watched several of Wrights Sermons, i cannot begin to imagine that the whole congregation has not exited. On Adam’s blog post on this subject I made the case that there is essentially no moral difference between Wright and Fred Phelps. Both espouse deeply anti-christian values. Phelps forgets compassion, wright promotes and/or supports elements of Radical Islam (Recent revelations have emerged about pro-hamas writtings in the church newsletter). I believe this issue will ultimately lead to Obama’s defeat in November, if for no other reason it allowed Hillary to stay and fight for several months more than she would have otherwise been viable. I did notice that recently Obama suggested he would have left the church if Wright had not resigned, but as far as I can tell he is still being honored in the church, still revered, and still promoted from the pulpit. Its a horrible horrible place for Obama to be, I understand that, he likely did join this church primarily to gain credibility in the community, but he must renounce it to be electable because it undercuts his basic “electability” premise – that he is a person who can bring people together.

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