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Davidson vs. Kansas – the journey

My wife and I really enjoy watching college basketball. This lead to a dilemma last Sunday night. I was leading the 5:00 PM worship service and she was on duty at the church as well. This meant that we were going to miss the Davidson / KU basketball game. However, we taped it on our DVR and were planning on watching the game when we got back.

Nicole was adamant about not finding out who won until we watched the game ourselves. I did not find out the final score, but did not mind finding out who had won. I found out that KU won, but did not know the final score.

When we got home we watched the game from beginning to end. Here is the amazing thing – even though I knew the destination, the journey was really fun. It was a great game and knowing the final outcome did not spoil the excitement of watching each play.

I believe that this is like our Christian journey – We may have a picture of the ultimate outcome (God wins) but that does not take away from the journey of becoming a deeply committed Christian.

By Andrew Conard

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There is no way, sorry Andrew, that you had the same expereince of the game knowing in the end who won. As one who watched it live (including the last five game minutes up and pacing about the room with a lot of yelling at the t.v.) it was tense and anxious and not the least bit pleasurable. Except that they won and then it was relief and joy and relief and a lot more relief.

To know the outcome, I would think made it a lot easier to watch, more exciting perhaps because you knew the Jayhawks would truimph. I’m certain you could find a theological resonance in my last statements. Feel free.

Mark: Rock Chalk Jayhawk came about a hundred years ago (give or take a few decades) 1. b/c it rhymes. 2. chalk rock is another name for limestone which is found in the ground around the Lawrence area. If you’ve ever been in Allen Fieldhouse at the start of a game when they do the whole ritual … the chant five times … and the whole building is buzzing from the sound … you’d swear you were in worship.

I can’t believe that you knew!!! Good thing you didn’t tell me. See, I would not have enjoyed any of the plays, because I knew there was great disappointment at the end. The commentators kept calling it the “David v. Goliath” game. I thought David…son would win!!!

As for watching the game and plays from your perspective, I bet each of the plays was exciting. Knowing that the end turned out well…for you…would give you a different lens to see the entire game!

I do agree with Amy — after being at a KU and UNC games…they do feel like worship. It’s craziness or just March Madness!

I joined the Cameron Crazies at Duke, it was by far and away the most moving sports experience I’ve ever had…

Don’t get me wrong, Purdue is still the pinnacle of all universities and anyone who isn’t a fan is missing out 😉


I am flabbergasted that you would ADMIT cheering for Davidson on your husband’s blog. These things are better kepts to the privacy of one’s home. Especially when one knows rabid KU fans read said blog.

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