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Blogging 101 Presentation and Resources

This morning I made this presentation for a group of 15-20 Resurrection staff and a friend from another local church.

My hope was to raise awareness about blogging and equip others to begin blogging. You can find all of the resources that I used here.

If you were there – what did you think? Feel free to leave a comment πŸ™‚

6 replies on “Blogging 101 Presentation and Resources”

what no mention of the methoblog? &:~D

i will say, i spend hours on the blog like blogger 3, but get results like blogger 1… unless we are talking of other blog page views. then i am blogger 3 all the way.

Laughing at Gavin’s comment.
Because I think it’s the same for me.
And I think at times, blogging and reading blogs has helped me procrastinate more.

Discipline… I have none.

Looks like it was a good presentation, Andrew. I like your points about “why blog at church?” When it comes to page views, I’m also pretty much on par with blogger 1. lol.

p.s.– I’ll spare you the details, but I just got a Macbook Pro like two hours ago (and at a major discount, no less!). πŸ˜€

gavin – MethoBlog, added. Thanks for your thoughts on outcome πŸ™‚

Joseph – Nice!

Elizabeth – Thanks for the details and awesome news about the MacBook Pro. Where did you pull off a big discount?

I wish I could spread the joy and tell you that they’re on sale somewhere, but you and I both know that anything Apple does not go on sale. lol. The discount was a combination of two things: (1) I had a service plan with Best Buy for my old (fried) laptop, and Thursday night they called me and told me I could come in and pick out a new laptop to replace my old one (which apparently they didn’t think was very fixable), as part of my service plan. When I got there, they said I could pick out one of equivalent value, or put that money toward a more expensive laptop. (2) There happened to be one open-box MacBook Pro 2.33 that was discounted for being open-box and because it wasn’t the new 2.5, even though it was in perfect condition…the guy who returned it didn’t even use it, it looks like–the salesperson said he had buyer’s un-remorse and decided to get the new 2.5 because he wanted the multi-touch trackpad thing that’s new with the 2.4-2.6s, so he brought in the one I now have to exchange it for that.

So, really, it was a combination of unexpected luck and good timing. And Photoshop runs so much faster on this thing than it did on my old PC! πŸ˜€

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