Seven Simple Truths about Life

I am excited about the upcoming sermon series at Resurrection Seven Simple Truths about Life. This promo video got the best response from the congregation of any promo video that I have seen here.

What do you think?

By Andrew Conard

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Our four (and a half!) year old (the half is important at that age) is in love with that promo video. She saw it in the 5pm Sunday service and we’ve watched it at home several times now. Amazingly enough, she recognized the bandaged person without being told. (Do you recognize him?) She has also started quoting Diane… which we’re not exactly happy about. After watching it again today she said to me very matter-of-factly “He is a stupid stupid man.” I had to tell her that he really wasn’t, they were just pretending for the video. I’m going to laugh way too hard when she next sees Dave and she blurts that little factoid out right to his face!

createdtopraise – I can’t claim any credit for creating it, but thanks for the compliment

Andrea – That is a great story! And no I did not recognize the bandaged person…

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