Stories from Easter (1 of 4)

Throughout the Easter weekend, I had four people wish me “Merry Christmas” after the worship service. I am not making this up.

Although, I must admit that shortly after one of these occasions I managed to wish someone “Merry Easter.”

By Andrew Conard

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I preached Easter morning at two small country churches. I think I wished someone at each church a “happy Thanksgiving”, before correcting myself.

Of course, I was in a very thankful mood, but still…

We had that, too, but mostly because it snowed. I jokingly announced the first hymn as ‘In the Bleak Midwinter’. But, on BBC Radio 2, the R.E.M. concert was live. The presenter announced it was snowing, hoped everyone had a great Christmas weekend, and then said something about Easter Monday. I wonder if he realised what he said…

i forgot what snow looks like.
here, we have a green christmas, a green easter, a green everything.

but i take solace in knowing that while you people are freezing… i can go to the beach and swim.

puhahaha. =P

(i miss snow…)

Well, I’m originally from South Carolina, and we had green everything there, too. Here in Lancashire, the snow never last for long. By service time (10:30 AM), there was little on the ground. Yet, this is the third day of Easter and I have seen it snow everyday of Easter so far!

I may be a pain in the butt for doing it, but I intentionally wish people a Happy Christmas and a Merry Easter. I find it to be a fun way to break expectations.

Rich – Nice! Thanks for sharing.

Janelle – I say, hang your stockings with care any day 🙂

Will – We did miss out on the snow and the cold that was predicted didn’t really make it.

GK – Hmm…

Joseph – Ahh the lifestyle of the beach, I am nowhere near there…

Ben – You have a good point, it is good to upset expectations from time to time.

Mark – Glad I was not the only one.

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