iPhone in the Future

Like Tim Stevens, I have considered purchasing an iPhone when my current contract with Sprint is up in April. To this point, I have been dissuaded, by what I perceived to be the lack of functionality tying the iPhone to the Microsoft Server software that keeps my calendar, email and contacts humming at Resurrection. The announcement of the iPhone Enterprise Beta Program has me thinking that this may be a possibility in the near future after all…

But then, I do have some loyalty to to the hometown company – I drive past Sprint‘s corporate headquarters every day going to church. Hmmm… What to do…

By Andrew Conard

Christian, husband, son, brother, homeowner

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I keep telling you that you will never be an emerging pastor without one.

C’mon, do it for Jesus!

Microsoft Exchange support is confirmed for the 2.0 software release in June. The iPhone will be a very extensible, supported platform with lots of applications come June…

Andrew – the next time you’re driving by the sprint campus, getting lost in your brand loyalty, I will call you from my iPhone and…wait – you wont be able to receive calls because all you sprint folks cant get signal within a 2 block radius of their world headquarters. what’s up with that?

Andrew — I’m a BlackBerry fan myself, however, I would recommend you hold off on your iPhone purchase until the G3 version comes out which will be sometime this year. There are some sites saying this might be timed with the 2.0 release in June.

Good luck on your phone search!

davepullin – Your brand of humor is excellent. very much appreciated 🙂

Pilot Mike – Thanks for the tip. I think I may actually be waiting longer than I had hoped…

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