Apple… :)

PS – I am a big Apple fan. The computers that I have used included a Macintosh Plus a Power Computing Power 100 mac clone, iMac G3 and my current 1.25 ghz PowerBook G4. Maybe a MacBook Pro will be in my future. Someday…

PPS – Apple recycles any iPod and any cell phone – free!

In other big news:

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woot – About time Richard Haddock had his stranglehold on Kansas Apple retail broken!

I think a new MacBook (I have a dual G5 PowerMac as my workhorse) is in my future once they expand the LED backlighting to that model. $2k for the pro is kinda hard to justify if I’m not needing to do major things on my laptop.

woah Andrew- are you a fanboy? 😉

I am seriously contemplating trading my PowerPC G5 for a new MacPro. (8 cores, anyone!) And by ‘trading” I mean ‘spending a lot of money.’ It still makes me sad that they put such a weak graphics card standard into such a powerful machine. Actually, it offends me more intellectually than anything else, sicne the majority of the people who are going to be purchasing a MacPro are going to use it for graphics-intensive projects.

I hate going to the Apple Store.
Only because I envy what I can’t have.
I constantly feel the need to buy something before I walk out of the Apple Store.
I’m happy to say that I have not been to an Apple Store for 3 months and counting.
I hope to stay strong.

Ben – That’s true. Also I would enjoy longer battery life, which the MacBook would provide (I think)

deviantmonk – fanboy? hmmm… Perhaps… That would be a serious and awesome investment!

Joseph – I hear you my friend. It will be a bit more difficult having one so close to resist temptation. Maybe the desire will be sated just by visiting…

I think we should start a Leawood Apple Store support group seing as indulgence will inevitably result in significant financial ruin!

“No really, I NEED this extra 30″ HD display monitor to go along with my ipod nano”.

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