Prayer: A Small Group Curriculum

On Sunday night, Nicole and I had the great opportunity to be a part of a small group teaching from the newly released – Prayer: A Small Group Curriculum. It is a four week small group study about prayer. This was developed, written and produced here at Resurrection and I think that it is a great resource for any group hoping to grow in the knowledge, thought, and practice of prayer.

Prayer: A Small Group Curriculum is thoroughly Methodist, has thoughtful questions, great teaching on prayer and includes a video component for each week. If you are living in the Kansas City area you can pick it up at The Well bookstore here at the Resurrection central campus. If not, please feel free to order online – here.

2 thoughts on “Prayer: A Small Group Curriculum

  1. Hey Andrew- this sounds pretty exciting. I look forward to checking it out sometime in the future.

  2. Andrew – I am trusting your recommendation. Ordered a copy tonight.

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