Listening Outside my Context

I have started to listen more frequently to sermon podcasts as both a spiritual practice and to experience different preaching styles. Here are a few that I have subscribed to thus far. (iTunes links)

You may decided to start listening to a sermon other than the one that you may hear in worship on the weekend as a spiritual practice for Lent. (Other ideas for Lent from Resurrection)

What other suggestions do you have for good preaching / teaching content? What excellent communicators do you listen to? What podcasts would you add to the list above? What about excellent Methodist podcasts?

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Hey buddy. I have a comment that doesn’t have to do anything with the post or your blog. But since I am commenting, I recommend that you also download podcasts of Adam Hamilton at the Church of Resurrection (hehe). I also enjoy Francis Chan from Simi Valley’s Cornerstone Church. Erwin McManus from Mosaic.

Anyway, I took our guest speaker to Hanauma Bay. It’s one of the best snorkeling sights on our island. And we bumped into your boy Tony Gonzales. (Well, i’m not sure he’s “your boy” but i remember your fondness of the KC Chiefs). It made me think of you. so i thought i’d share. =)

While they don’t update as often as I wish, the Duke University Chapel sermon podcast is excellent. Usually the sermons are preached by the Dean of the Chapel, Sam Wells, but they will also include sermons from The Duke Divinity School Staff (Richard B. Hays, Stanley Hauerwas), and often bring in other folk (Walter Brueggemann was there the 2nd Sunday of Advent).

That’s a great list of podcasts!

Have you viewed any of Rob Bell’s Nooma short films? I’ve seen the first 12 or so (he’s up to 18 now). The films are very thought provoking and relevant. If you haven’t viewed any of them yet, it’s definitely worth the time. You can find more info at

Joseph – Thanks for the tips. and thanks for the connection with Tony Gonzales! Did you have a chance to have a conversation or just see him from afar? That is great!

Will – Thanks for the tip. I was not aware of this one and look forward to it.

Carol – I have seen several of the Nooma videos and agree that they are excellent. I have not checked out all of them, but agree that they are quality. Thanks!

1. Church of the Resurrection
2. Perry Noble / NewSpring
3. Pray as You Go — Mon-Fri devotional

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