Physical Expression of Worship

At the annual church gathering, a member of Resurrection asked about open physical expression in worship – particularly raising hands or clapping. Why doesn’t it happen more in our worship services?

This is a great question. Having participated in leading worship in each of the worship services, I know that they each have their own distinct style and feel. There is more similarity between the 9:00 and 10:45, but the 5:00 Sunday and 5:00 PM Saturday feel quite different. In each of the services, there are people who are more open, free, or physically active with their worship. However, it is certainly not the majority.

I think that this has to do partially with the community in which Resurrection exists. I also think that it has to do with the congregation’s focus on non and nominally religious. I would guess that outward and physical expressions of worship are not going to be a first choice for those who are new or newly reintroduced to worship or faith.

I would say – worship in nearly any way you feel comfortable. I hope that helps!

What do you think?

By Andrew Conard

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