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Lydia Circle

Last night, I had the opportunity to meet with the women of the Lydia Circle of the United Methodist Women. This is a wonderful group of women who meet on the fourth Monday of each month. They invited me to visit their group so that they could get to know one of their pastors.

I asked each of them to share stories of the first time that they were connected with Resurrection and the first time that they were connected to the Lydia Circle. Then I shared my story of growing up, being called to seminary and to the local church, getting married, and moving across the country. I really enjoy meeting with people and hearing their stories. This is something that I find sometimes find hard to capture or track, but something that is so valuable in the life of a community of faith.

I saw in these women a great level of support and care for each other, a desire to be in mission and to follow Christ. It was a blessing to be with them.

By Andrew Conard

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