First 5 Books of 2008

Inspired by Kevin Watson‘s post First 5 Books of 2008 I wanted to share my list. Thanks for the idea, Kevin! These are the first five books that I plan to read in 2008:

Leadership on the Line was borrowed from a good friend and Never Eat Alone courtesy of the public library. The others have been sitting on my shelf and have been looking forward to getting to them. I have plenty on my shelf to read and an Amazon Wish List to keep me reading for years. I never want to stop learning.

What are you looking forward to reading in 2008?

By Andrew Conard

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Andrew – Thanks for the link! I have recently really started using Amazon’s wish list feature and am finding that a really helpful way of keeping track of books I want to read. But, holy cow! You weren’t kidding when you said you have enough on your wish list to keep you reading for years! I didn’t make it past the first of 16 pages, but there were some very interesting looking books there. I am making a mental note to come back and browse your entire wish list soon! (Not sure about the women’s leather boots though…)

Kevin – No problem. I am glad that you have enjoyed the wish list. The boots were placed on there by Nicole as a possible gift for her, not for me! I am relatively confident that I will never purchase all of these books, but it gives me a starting point if I have extra money and time.

PS – the wish list also sates my desire to purchase new books, I tell myself – I will put these on the list and purchase them later if I really want it. It has been pretty effective in helping me save some $

I made it through all 16 pages! Thanks for providing several new books for me to add to my wish list. (I am not sure it has the same sating impact for me. I think I have purchased 8 of the books that were on my wish list since I have really started using it. But I had an amazon gift card, which is now gone, so that will probably sate my desire to purchase new book…)


You also need to put Purpose Driven Church on your list sometime. I have a copy you can borrow and there is one in the Resurrection library just down the hall from your office.

Travis – Thanks for the recommendation. I have not yet read that one and will put it on the list. Thanks!

deviantmonk – Wow. You are a crazy devoted theologian – nice!

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