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Faithful Politics

I saw Carrie, a regular blog reader, this weekend at Resurrection and she had a great request. She asked if I would write on my take on politics sometime here at Thoughts of Resurrection. Politics is a broad topic, but here goes.

I attended Wesley Theological Seminary in Washington, DC. I thought about and was exposed to more politics in those three years than in my entire life until then. This experience has shaped how I understand and interact with politics since then. I have take seriously the responsibility and opportunity to vote and shaping political life. Since Nicole and I moved to the Kansas City area, several of our friends have commented how involved or interested we are in politics. From our experience in DC, my impression was that we are not terribly involved.

  • I believe that it is important to be involved in the political process.
  • I do not believe that any local community of faith or denomination should advocate for a particular candidate.
  • I believe that a pastor or church leader can and should know who it is for whom she or he is voting.
  • I do not believe that the clarity of political choice of a church leader should overtly shape her or his church leadership.

Carrie, thanks for the question and hope that you enjoy this response. If you have a question to which you would like to hear my response or a topic which you would be interested in reading my thoughts – send me an email or ask when you see me.

By Andrew Conard

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