2008 Guest Bloggers

In 2008, I would like to include a regular feature of guest posts. One or two times a month, I hope to invite someone to write a post here at Thoughts of Resurrection. If the guest is also a blogger, I hope to be able to write a guest post for that person as well. If not, no problem.

What do you think about this idea? In what ways would “guest posts” enhance or detract from this blog?

Would you like to be a guest blogger at Thoughts of Resurrection? Leave a comment and I will be in contact with you. Thanks!

9 thoughts on “2008 Guest Bloggers

  1. I guess this means I’ll have to keep a rein on my profanity… 😉

  2. I like this idea a lot! In fact, I think this would be something fun to do on my blog too. You are definitely invited to be a guest poster on mine. Great thought!

  3. deviantmonk – Hmm… Yes. 🙂

    Kyle – Cool! I will send you an email to start moving forward on this. Thanks!

  4. Sure, I would be honored if you invite me to write for your blog. I would of course reciprocate if you are interested. I’m sure we’d have a blast!

  5. Jared – Great. Look for an email from me 🙂

  6. I would give it a try. I think you have a great idea as the readers of both will get exposure to the other maybee increasing readership on both. My blogs are below
    http://epostle.wordpress.com -I set you up as a contributor in an attempt to lure you in.


  7. Bart – Sounds great. I replied to an email from you.

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